IPCC Report and Climate news / reporting:

  • The IPCC Special report on the impacts of global warming of 1.5 degrees celsius

  • Concerns of young protesters are justified: A letter published in the magazine ‘Science’, co-signed by more than 3,000 scientists across the globe.

  • James Hansen, the father of climate science whose testimony to US Congress in 1988 sounded the global alarm on climate change, has sent a LETTER to the citizens of Britain, via Plan B Earth, regarding upcoming direct actions: "I write ... in recognition that citizens throughout the U.K., led increasingly by the young – those who stand to lose most, now are rising to demand that national leaders develop and adhere to a viable path away from calamitous global warming …. Now, more than before, we need to bring to bear our full acumen, time, and resources so as to demand and forge a viable future."