Do you know that you can sign up to the Climate Change Teacher Course, Accredited by the UN. This is the launch of Phase 1 of a five phase rollout to all schools. UK schools with a Climate Change Teacher will get the eduCCate Global Programme, Fully Funded, for all the pupils in their school (Phase 2 launches end June). 2000+ cross-curricular lessons with Climate Literacy at the heart of every lesson, including Legal Framework, Cities and Climate Change, Children and Climate Change, Health and Climate Change, Gender and the Environment. Also, exclusive invitations from the UN to attend the very first Climate Change Teacher Summit and more opportunities for the first wave of Climate Change Leaders.

Teaching Resources


Am I a school Striker? Downloadable discussion sheet.

Kids Climate Action work

The Teachers Climate Guide


Greenschools project UK

Using climate strike as a learning tool. Blog from a New Zealand teacher. Part 1 and Part 2

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UK Met office resources: Support Materials, Key Stage 4, A Level

‘How to talk to kids about climate change, without scaring them’ From Noteworthy.

A Lesson plan from student and young people mobilisation group in XR.

A Quiz to share with parents about the impact of the school run and cars on children’s lungs and health