Strike Checklist

  • Make a placard to take with you

  • Refillable water bottle and snacks

  • Check the weather and wear appropriate clothing. Comfy shoes is a must

  • Take extra precautions with little ones - consider writing your mobile number somewhere on their person (their arm is a popular choice) and take a photo of them in what they’re wearing on the day. 

  • Stay connected - Be mindful that with a lot of people in one place, mobile phone signal can weaken, so it's a good idea to have a backup plan by discussing a designated meeting spot. Consider leaving together from the offset or arrange a meeting spot a bit further away from the main stretch

  • Take some our activity ideas below with you

Muti-activity leaflet

Print at A3 to fold to A5 leaflet - includes pre-addressed postcard to write your own message to secretary of state for the environment, our ‘12 things you can do’, and other activities

Songs for Climate

Songs help to rouse crowds - learn the lyrics before you start and take some lyrics sheets down with you

Help to rouse and energise your strike with songs. Learn the lyrics and take copies to your strike.

Children’s Citizens Assemblies

XR families have kindly shared these resource packs for structuring Children’s Assembles. CA’s can help get the creative juices flowing and build consensus about the ideas to take forward. Children can run the workshops.

Postcards to politicians

Children can try to engender politicians to take action. Politicians say they can’t do anything without a mandate from the people, including saving the world. So in our current system we need to make our mandate loud and clear.

Get creative

Bring down some materials to get creative with. How about making some of these lovely tree signs at your strike to hang in your neighbourhood.

‪Use these hashtags on your signs #TreesForFuture‬ ‪#SpeakUpForTrees‬ #AmazoniaIsLife



If you have any ideas for strike activities, get in contact.