Planting, Growing and Rewilding

Rewilding Britain- “Nature is our greatest ally in locking carbon away and protecting our climate. Rewilding can help nature recover on a massive scale and shape a better future for people.”

 The Woodland Trust - “We want to make sure that everybody in the UK has the chance to plant a tree. So we’re giving away hundreds of thousands of trees to schools and communities.”


With the UK being the first government to declare a climate emergency its vital we all look at ways we can support change. The Sustainable Food Trust have some great articles on soil which of course is vital in terms of carbon capture, and something that we all can work to improve in our growing spaces.

5 ways to make gardening fun for kids - “Research shows that children who participate in gardening activities perform better at school. Capture their interest by planting colourful blooms, watering seeds and asking them to rake up leaves. Giving children their own garden tools is a brilliant way to hand over new responsibilities, while teaching them to be independent. “

Put It Somewhere - “A collection of resources for tree planting, sustainable woodland management and rewilding, combined with an outlet for creative writing.”

Planetary Health and Regeneration “Why l firmly believe we are capable of redesigning humanity’s impact on Earth from being destructive to being regenerative.”