News Reporting on the Youth Climate Strikes



'You did not act in time': Greta Thunberg's full speech to MPs

Read the full text of the speech Greta Thunberg gave to MPs at the Houses of Parliament

The Guardian: April 23rd 2019


‘Climate science supports youth protests’

The youth protests urging political action on climate change have won strong global backing from climatologists, as over 6,000 scientists express their support.

Climate News Network: April 19th 2019


‘Thousands of scientists back "young protesters" demanding climate change action.’

Thousands of scientists came out in support of children's school strikes on Friday as young people across the world took to the streets again to demand action on climate change. A letter published in the magazine "Science," titled "Concerns of young protesters are justified," had been co-signed by more than 3,000 scientists across the globe, and that number continued to grow.

CBS News: April 12th 2019


‘With Youth Climate Actions Backed by Leading Experts, Latest Round of Protests Highlights Call for Bold and Urgent Action’

Common Dreams: April 12th 2019


‘Green shoots from growing movements’

The Ecologist: April 12th 2019


‘Fresh wave of youth climate action protests expected across Britain’

Dozens of demonstrations due on Friday as report shows UK set to miss emissions targets

The Guardian: April 12th 2019


‘Parents around the world mobilise behind youth climate strikes’

‘We owe it to our kids’: parents from 16 countries demand urgent climate action

The Guardian: April 3rd 2019


'It's short-sighted to dismiss the pupil strikes'

Pupils striking against climate change today should be celebrated – they're a force for change, says Harris Bokhari

Times Educational Supplement: March 15th 2019

‘Why climate action is the antithesis of white supremacy’

Behind the urgency of climate action is the understanding that everything is connected; behind white supremacy is an ideology of separation

The Guardian: March 19th, 2019


‘Young climate activists around the world: why I’m striking today.’

As young people walk out of classrooms for a global climate strike, a panel of campaigners share their reasons for action

The Guardian: March 15th 2019


You’re never too old to be a youth advocate...

"With my own platform, I would like to say this to the thousands who went on strike. You matter. You have a right to be heard and you shouldn’t be embarrassed to speak out.’

The Conversation:March 18th, 2019


‘Thank you, climate strikers. Your action matters and your power will be felt.’

I am writing you in gratitude and enthusiasm as someone who has lived for almost six decades, which has been time enough to see extraordinary change. To see what had been declared impossible happen over and over again.

The Guardian: March 15th 2019