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World week of action 20 - 27 Sept

During the emergency climate summit week, there will be many actions to demand change.

Find your nearest UK strike>>

Week of actions include : 21st - World clean up day | 22nd - World car free day | 24th - Trees for Future day | 27th - Global Strike (some countries were not able to do 20th so will be doing 27th instead and many will repeat strike)

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International Mother's Day protest


Mothers Rise Up! We have just 11 years to act to prevent climate breakdown. The time to act is NOW!
We stand in solidarity with the #youthclimatestrikes but we can’t leave it to the children to fix this mess.
JOIN US: Sunday 12 May, 12 noon, Hyde Park Corner for a #MothersClimateMarch . We will come together and rise as a maternal force to be reckoned with. With pushchairs and song, we will march from Hyde Park Corner to Parliament Square and demand that our government take immediate, drastic action for a just transition to a sustainable way of life.

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Beehive Baby!

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Without bees we’d be very hungry — they pollinate much of the crops and trees and plants that produce our food. And right now bees need us. Thirty-five species of bees in the UK are facing extinction because of habitat loss and pesticides.
Join us at the gates of Buckingham Palace to ask our Queen to declare a Bee Rehabilitation Program on all her land across the UK, including the Royal Parks, and to ask of her Lords to do the same on their land and in their private gardens in London and other cities.
Come dressed up and ready for the fun! We will be doing some workshops beforehand, during International Rebellion week where you will be able to print flags, decorate your clothes and even learn how to make some bee wings!

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