We are parents, grandparents, carers, guardians, step-parents, godparents, aunts, uncles and all who support the youth in their demands for a safe climate future. More about our aims>>


It will take millions of us to convince world leaders that they need to work together to combat the climate crisis.

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Growing momentum…

  • COMPANIES: Co-op, Ben & Jerry’s, Lush, Patagonia, Ecosia, Atlassian, The Body Shop are among the many companies encouraging their workers to join;… Over a thousand Amazon employees have pledged to join the global climate strike,

  • WEBSITES: over a thousand websites will do a digital strike, by displaying a notice over their website on the day.

  • UNIONS: Baker’s Union, UCU, the Writer’s Guild are encouraging their members to take time out on the day.

  • SCHOOLS: Amnesty International has written to 30,000 headteachers worldwide to urge them to allow their students to go. Brighton & Hove council have endorsed all their schools to allow their students to join and councillors will be attending.

Have you asked your workplace if they will endorse yet?

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Do you know people who haven’t yet committed to striking with the kids on Friday 20th September?

Please share this 2 minute film with them.

Interview with the film’s makers - Lesley Manning and Annalise Davis

Every Friday we post a simple action that everyone can do. It might be a personal change or taking a political action. By taking action you become part of the solution. See our weekly actions>>

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With action, comes hope. Taking action with others who feel the same way as you really helps; it is empowering and every action counts. Connect with your local group>>

There has never been a more urgent or pressing need for all of us to give what time we can to help in this global effort. Everyone has skills to offer and everyone is needed. However small your contribution, your children and peers will thank you from the bottoms of their hearts.

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Another moving short film from a Parent for Future, Annalise Davis