July 29th 2019


The Amazon rainforest is facing unprecedented destruction. Brazil’s far-right President Bolsonaro is stripping the forest and indigenous people of their protections.

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Yesterday our friends in Brazil informed us of the following:

In Amapá, a Wajãpi village was attacked by miners who threatened women, children and murdered the Emyra Wajãpi chief with cruelty. The criminal group was heavily armed with machine guns, 12-caliber guns, night vision goggles and pit bull dogs.

Here is what you can do to help:

British Embassy Brasilia

Quadra 801 - Conjunto K - Lote 08
Av. das Nações - Asa Sul
CEP 70408-900 Brasilia

1) Send the following message to the UK embassy in Brazil:

The British Ambassador to Brazil is Vijay Rangarajan (on Twitter: https://twitter.com/VijayR_HMG )

Email: contact@uk.org.br or press.brasilia@fco.gov.uk

Your Excellency,

It is with grave concern that we received news of an attack of armed miners on the Wajãpi People within their protected land.

According to the newspaper articles and video material accessible to us, several dozen heavily armed miners brutally attacked an indigenous village in the northern state of Amapá. The reports add that at least one indigenous leader, named Emyra Wajãpi, was fatally stabbed. According to the New York Times, this latest escalation follows a series of increasingly bold incursions into protected areas.

Amid worries that the current crisis may lead to a bloodbath if the conflict between the Wajãpi and the miners escalates, we appeal to you, The UK and the other European countries, to urgently request that the Brazilian government:

(1) protects the Wajãpi from further violence,

(2) removes the miners from the protected indigenous area,

(3) fully investigates the incident,

(4) ensures appropriate legal consequences for the invaders and any other individuals directly or indirectly involved in this atrocity, and

(5) ensures full compliance with existing national and international indigenous and human rights as well as environmental protection regulations.

Finally, we ask that the UK does not ratify the new MERCOSUR-EU trade agreement as long as the Brazilian government continues to blatantly violate or allow others organizations to violate environmental and human rights

Thank you very much for your consideration and attention to this matter.